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Pollen Count  07/01/2015

Trees: 9 Low

Top 3 Species

Grasses:3 Low

Top 3 Species:

Weeds: 6 Low

Top 3 Species

Mold: 36,525 High
Top 3 Species:

Tip from Dr. Gallagher: Going on a camping trip this summer? Are you allergic to foods or insects? Be sure to take your epinephrine and, if you are kayaking or canoeing put it in a waterproof container! If you need us give us a call!

Sunscreen safety tips: Be sure to look for brands that are fragrance-free and contain recommended non-allergic ingredients. Choose sunscreens with only zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These brands, unlike chemical-based sunscreens, do not penetrate the skin or enter the bloodstream. If you are unsure of what to use, dab a small amount on a small area of your skin before you put it all over. Wait and see if you get any skin irritation.

Sunscreen for Infants: It is not recommend to use sunscreen on a baby under 6 months of age. Their skin is much thinner than ours and absorbs the active chemical ingredients more easily. If the baby can't be kept out of the sun then make sure he or she is covered and has a hat on. If you have any questions or concerns give out office a call.

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Who Are We

Allergy & Asthma Associates Of NWPA is a specialty medical practice in Erie, Pennsylvania, whose mission is to provide quality medical care in the treatment of asthma, allergies, and related disorders. For more than 30 years, we have served the general populations of the Tri-State Area of Northwestern Pennsylvania, Northwestern New York, and Northeastern Ohio. We treat all our patients like family and maintain a completely family friendly atmosphere.
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Our Vision

It is our goal to maintain an integrated delivery system for asthma and allergy treatment, which will measurably improve the quality of life for the asthma or allergy patient and their family.

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